Running Week 6

I’m on week 6 of couch to 5k. I’m over halfway done with the app. Tuesday was my hardest running day so far. Do you ever just have one of those workouts where everything seems to go wrong? My compression socks weren’t on the right way, it was my time of the month and my phone wasn’t shuffling the playlist the way I had hoped. Despite all of these mishaps, I finished my run. One thing that running has taught me is how much of a self-motivator you have to become. When I first started the app, it was challenging but not so challenging where I feel like I couldn’t do it. Now, I am running for 6 minutes at a time with small breaks in between. For someone who has never ran before, that was no easy feat. It takes a lot to get out there every other day regardless of what is going on in life and run. Now, I know I can run. It’s not just some pipe dream that I used to have. I am making myself go out there and do it for thirty minutes three times a week.

Food: So, I said I was going to try to be a vegetarian. That didn’t work. Actually, I don’t think I ever want to be a vegetarian again. I don’t disrespect those who are vegetarians, it just isn’t for me, at least, at this time. At the age of 26, I’ve discovered how to balance what I eat and how much I eat. I love making vegan/vegetarian meals, but I also love eating sauteed beef and vegetables over rice. I’m learning how important it is to balance your diet and that cutting out certain foods means finding replacements. Personally, I don’t always want to be looking for a replacement.

What I ate this week: After Thanksgiving, I had to get my life back on track. I don’t usually drink alcohol but I drank because my friend was in town. I made a Thanksgiving meal full of butter, sugar and salt. This week, I have been eating more fish and more vegetarian meals. I’m limiting my caffeine intake to just one cup of coffee per day. My sugar hasn’t been easy but my cravings have lessened over the week. The amount of oil and butter used in dishes has been cut down.

Vegetarian pizza bread with fried tofu
Roasted beef with brown rice and veggies
Korean food from Yoshinoya
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Running and Last Week’s Meals

Last week, I started using the Couch to 5 K app. I chose the Color Run Unicorn. In the past, I’ve tried running. Every time I’ve tried to run, I’ve made it about 3 weeks and then I stop. Usually, it’s because of knee
or hip pain. Most of that is due to me not stretching before I run. I know. You have to stretch and warm-up before you run.

Since I started using the app, I’ve found solace in running. The brisk fall breeze hitting my face as my Nike’s pound the pavement. I am able to think about more than what I’m going to do post-run. I can think about
the future and where/what I want to do next.

As I enter my second week of running, I’ve set some short-term running goals. My goals are to run four times this week (last week, I ran three times) and to run one time in the morning during my work week. I want to become a morning workout person, but I know that I need to ease into it.

Let’s talk about food. I’m trying to make the final switch to being a vegetarian. I love being a vegetarian. It’s great eating a lot of vegetables. I think that being a vegetarian is more fitting for me. Also, it helps me manage my weight. I’ve felt guilty after eating meat lately and I haven’t enjoyed the taste. However, I won’t be a strict vegetarian.

A black bean burger with roasted Dijon potatoes

When I travel to different places, I will probably eat meat. As a cook, I think it’s important to try as many foods as possible. Lastly, if someone invites me to their home and makes a dish with meat, I’m not going to turn it down. Honestly, unless you have an allergy or the food will make you sick, I think it’s silly to turn down food that someone has taken time to make you.

A vegan muffin and beet smoothie from the Asics cafe in Tokyo

Are you a vegetarian? If so, what do you like to cook and how often do you cook?

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