I’m Not Buying SheaMoisture Products

Typically, I don’t write posts about beauty products, but the recent SheaMoisture controversy has me feeling distraught. If you aren’t familiar with SheaMoisture, it’s a brand of hair and beauty products. Typically, women with curly hair use their hair and skin products. Although they don’t specifically state that their products are for black women, many black women use their products. In April of last year, they made a different commercial addressing the stigmas in the beauty aisles. So, for me, and many other black women, it was surprising to see them release this new “inclusive” commercial.

In the most recent commercial, there was only one woman of color. I was upset that a company that caters to black women had very little black representation. However, they had a more progressive commercial with one of my favorite natural hair bloggers, Naptural85.

As I was looking at the commercial, the only woman of color said that people used to throw paper balls in her hair. The woman with blonde hair just didn’t know what to do with her hair, and the redhead always felt the need to dye her hair blonde. I understand that learning how to embrace your natural hair is important. I’ve had to learn the same lessons, but I find it shocking that SheaMoisture didn’t create a space for the black women with different hair textures. White women have many hair care options, both domestically and abroad. Don’t even get me started on makeup. Try finding a dark or deep foundation in Sephora in East Asia.

Also, it’s frustrating that one of their excuses was to expand their market, thus becoming more profitable. I understand wanting to expand your line to make more profits. I’m all about making a profit, but you need to make sure that the customers who made you are satisfied. There are still so many stigmas around natural hair. Black and women and men could lose their jobs over not having the right hair texture. People still think that our natural hais looks unprofessional and unkempt. I think that SheaMoisture should have included two black women, or even two black men, with different natural hair textures. This way we could have seen ourselves represented in beauty.

If you are still upset by the SheaMoisture commercial, here are some links to companies that I trust, companies that I’ve seen recommended due to the controversy, as well as a black owned business directory.

Products and Companies I trust

Eden Body Works– The Pepermint Tea Tree conditioner is a good wash day conditioner. It soothes my scalp and keeps my hair smelling nice.
Taliah Waajid– The Curl Sealer works well on my hair. It lasts all day, even in humid conditions, and it never hardens my hair
Cantu – Their products are generally affordable and can be used year round. I enjoy the Moisturizing Rinse Out Conditioner, Sulfate-Free Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Moisturizing Cream Shampoo and the Coil Calm Detangler.

Recommended Companies and a Black Business Directory
Ixora Botanical Beauty
Kyra’s Shea Medleys
Delish Condish
Black Business Directory

If there are any products you recommend, comment below!

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Blogs, Websites and Articles That Interest Me

Like most millennials, I spend most of my time on the internet. I’m usually on one of the popular social media sites scrolling and clicking things that interest me. However, I do try to make an effort to find new things outside of my networks. Here is little list of random, and some not so random, items I found on the internet that I really liked.

The How I Work series on Lifehacker is an interesting archive of people who have a variety of different jobs. They talk about what they do everyday both before and after work. http://lifehacker.com/tag/how-i-work

This was an interesting artcile about the model minority myth. I enjoy learning about society and culture, and as a black woman, especially one that has lived in East Asia, I wish the model minority didn’t exisist. It doesn’t help people of color; it hurts them. http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/04/dismantle-model-minority-myth/#.WOwk7Aw5eZY.facebook

I was listening to the podcast Another Round and during an episode they interviewed two Registered Dietitians who are also best friends. The advice that they gave was informative and their advice was geared towards people of color. http://www.foodheavenmadeeasy.com/meet-food-heaven/

A few years ago, one of my coworkers showed me this blog. I had forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago. The blog itself is nicely laid out blog. The creator, Darya, writes about eating healthy and living a healthy life. Plus, she has an interesting backstory. http://www.summertomato.com/

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The Top Ten Songs on My Travel Playlist

If you know me, you know that I love music. Thanks to my parents, I’ve been exposed to all different types of music. Years of choir, musical theater and randomly learning how to play instruments have led me to enjoy the majority of different musical genres.

When I travel, I only like to listen to certain songs. I think it’s because I’m always thinking about what’s about to happen next and what I did to get there. I made a list of my top ten songs on my travel playlist. I listen to these songs whenever I travel. You can find all of these songs on Spotify.

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What’s Cooking and a New Video!

Hi, everyone!

Life has been a little hectic in the 185, that’s the area code of Nanjing if you didn’t know. I’ve been trying to work out consistently, make a plan for next year and write a million cover letters. My cooking has taken a backseat, but it’s always at the forefront of my mind. I have been baking and cooking a little less and trying to remember to post on my social media outlets. It’s not that I don’t like to post,actually, I enjoy writing posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, I forget to create the post within the desired time frame.

Despite my cooking hiatus, I made a couple of spectacular foods that tasted great, but the recipes definitely need to be more developed. I made tiny cookies filled with buttercream. I want these cookies to be cake or cupcake toppers. I’m still figuring them out.

Next, I made a mixed bean chili with biscuits.The beans that I used were black beans and kidney beans The chili was a little spicy but good. The biscuits were soft and tasted like a biscuit I would buy back home.

So, I’m trying to learn how to create more recipes from scratch. I’m tired of modifying recipes and trying to make them my own. I’m ready to experiment with different flavors and see what I can create. Over the weeks, I’ll post what I’m learning about cooking from scratch. This will include triumphs and fails.

Last but not least, I have new video! This is my first “live” video and I was a little nervous while making it. It’s about me at the grocery store doing my weekly shopping. I shop at a store called Metro in Nanjing. It’s like a Costco or a Sam’s Club. They sell a variety of imported and Chinese goods. Enjoy!

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