About Me


Hello and welcome to my blog! Living a healthy lifestyle has not come naturally to me. Over the years, I have had some ups and downs with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I finally found the spark I needed before I left for college.

During the summer of 2010, I experienced some major life changes. I had recently graduated from high school, I was accepted into all of the universities I applied for and I was about to embark on another life changing event, going to college. That summer I had went for my routine checkups and my immunizations when my doctor had told me I had high blood pressure. I wasn’t used to eating very healthy at that point in time, so it wasn’t a shocker, but when I heard it coming from someone else, it really made me think about my lifestyle. Since that day, I made a vow to myself to live a healthy lifestyle.

When I started college, I began to use the campus gym. I worked out six days a week, and even did a little workout on my rest days. I was constantly looking up new fitness routines and articles about health and wellness. During my Freshman year of college, I lost fifty-seven pounds. It was crazy, and sometimes I did not even recognize myself in the mirror. I had never been that small, but for some reason I wasn’t happy. I still felt that I was the bigger girl when shopping for clothes, or that people were looking at me differently. I had this mindset for at least five months after my big weight loss.

My perspective began to change halfway through my Sophomore year of college. I began attending group fitness classes at my university, and I really enjoyed them. The first group fitness class I attended was Body Pump. It was challenging but I felt so accomplished afterwards. Later that semester, I decided to get certified in Body Pump. After my certification, I began teaching Body Pump and Abs classes during the summer. That is when I fell in love with teaching. After each class, I had this feeling of satisfaction and that I was truly helping people. I taught for about two years, and had to take a break due to my semester abroad and my final semester of school. I still live an active and healthy lifestyle, and I hope that I will return to teaching classes after I return from teaching English in China!

So, why better my veggies? Well, I love vegetables. I learned to love them more when I was in the process of losing weight. Since moving to China, I have been introduced to a whole array of fresh produce. Slowly, but surely, I am learning how to “better my veggies” by trying new things in this new food culture.