What’s Cooking and a New Video!

Hi, everyone!

Life has been a little hectic in the 185, that’s the area code of Nanjing if you didn’t know. I’ve been trying to work out consistently, make a plan for next year and write a million cover letters. My cooking has taken a backseat, but it’s always at the forefront of my mind. I have been baking and cooking a little less and trying to remember to post on my social media outlets. It’s not that I don’t like to post,actually, I enjoy writing posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, I forget to create the post within the desired time frame.

Despite my cooking hiatus, I made a couple of spectacular foods that tasted great, but the recipes definitely need to be more developed. I made tiny cookies filled with buttercream. I want these cookies to be cake or cupcake toppers. I’m still figuring them out.

Next, I made a mixed bean chili with biscuits.The beans that I used were black beans and kidney beans The chili was a little spicy but good. The biscuits were soft and tasted like a biscuit I would buy back home.

So, I’m trying to learn how to create more recipes from scratch. I’m tired of modifying recipes and trying to make them my own. I’m ready to experiment with different flavors and see what I can create. Over the weeks, I’ll post what I’m learning about cooking from scratch. This will include triumphs and fails.

Last but not least, I have new video! This is my first “live” video and I was a little nervous while making it. It’s about me at the grocery store doing my weekly shopping. I shop at a store called Metro in Nanjing. It’s like a Costco or a Sam’s Club. They sell a variety of imported and Chinese goods. Enjoy!

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